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Car servicing including logbook servicing, safety inspections, brakes, exhaust, suspension and tyres.

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Montmorency, Briar Hill, Doreen, Lower Plenty, Eltham, Watsonia, Macleod, Yallambie, Diamond Creek , Greensborough.


Is it illegal to eat and drink while driving?

We all know it is illegal to consume alcoholic beverages inside an operational vehicle, but what about non-alcoholic drinks, and food?

While it is not illegal, it is frowned upon for the simple reason it is just another distraction behind the wheel. It is really not much different from sending a text when you are focused on hunting for those fries, or busy trying to unwrap your burger. For that period of time, your eyes are not where they are supposed to be, on the road ahead. You are also less likely to be aware of any potential situations behind or beside you, increasing your risk of becoming involved in an accident, even if you are not the cause.

With time always against us, a lot of us opt for eating on the run, but let remember the dangers involved with this and start planning our meals better!