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At Midas we appreciate that technical matters can sometimes be daunting, particularly if it involves technical terminology. To assist you get the information you need quickly, we have answered the questions that are most often asked by our customers. Simply click on the topic that you'd like to learn more about.

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Car Servicing

Why should I have my cooling system serviced?
Does Midas provide log book servicing?
Why does my automatic transmission need a flush?
Why should I have my car serviced by Midas?
Will I be shown what will be done to my car when it is serviced?



How do mufflers actually work? Are mufflers made of special soundproof material?
My car is older. Lately, it seems to be getting noisier. How do I know if my muffler went bad?
Besides excess noise and rough idling, what are some other things I need to watch out for with my ca


Logbook Servicing Options

Can Midas carry out a Logbook Service on my car?
Will a Midas Logbook service affect my new car warranty?



Why do my brakes squeak?
Why does my steering wheel and brake pedal shake when I apply my brakes?
My brake pedal feels really soft and spongy. Is this normal?



Why does my vehicle squeak or knock when driving or going over bumpy roads?
Why is my vehicle not stopping as well as it use to?
Why does my vehicle pull to one side when driving?



What do I do if I have a problem?