Why should I have my car serviced by Midas?

It is important to have your car serviced regularly as it not only keeps your car running efficiently, but also helps prevent problems requiring costly repairs. Midas are famous for their quality work and technical expertise, and are able to offer a range of service options to suit most cars, and all at a reasonable price.

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Will I be shown what will be done to my car when it is serviced?

Midas' highly trained mechanics are more than happy to walk you through the work required to service your car. We will also happily show you any parts that have been replaced during a service, So why not give us a call today?

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Why does my automatic transmission need a flush?

As automatic gearboxes age, sludgy fluid builds up inside. If this fluid is not properly flushed out, your car may begin to have difficulty changing gears, and also have a greatly reduced lifespan. This is considered so important that it is often part of maintaining your car's warranty. At Midas we use the most advanced transmission flushing equipment available, so why not contact us today?

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Does Midas provide logbook servicing?

Yes, Midas are proud to provide logbook services at competitive prices. Click here to book a logbook service online today.

Why should I have my cooling system serviced?

It is important to regularly change your car's radiator coolant, as doing so protects your car's cooling system from rust and scale deposits. These deposits can reduce coolant circulation, which will lead to your vehicle overheating and breaking down.

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