Why You Shouldn’t Skip Scheduled Car Services

With Australia becoming more and more environmentally-conscious, it makes sense that an electric car is the way to go. The USA is leading the manufacturing of electric and hybrid cars, to a great success, especially among celebrities. However, how can an electric car compare with a petrol car?

More importantly, what type of car would suit your needs specifically?

Let’s break down the basic differences between petrol and electric cars:

  • Costs


Let’s start with the price. Here’s the tricky part. Upfront, the cost of an electric car is exceptionally high. You’re looking at minimum $40,000 for a small vehicle and for a larger one, expect to pay over $100,000. However, the running costs are the opposite. It will cost you about A$4 per 100km, which is considerably cheaper than petrol, especially since petrol is always on the rise. You’ll also find that there is a growing number of electric powering stations in Australia to cater to the popularity of electric cars such as Tesla. In saying that, it can take anywhere between 30 minutes and 12 hours to recharge an electric car, but only minutes to refuel a petrol vehicle.

  • Maintenance


When it comes to maintenance such as servicing your vehicle, petrol cars require far more work. Electric cars will save you time and money since they never need oil changes and other engine mechanical repairs. The only repairs electric cars will need are brake pads, tyres and suspension checks and/or replacements. In this way, buying an electric car can save you significant costs in the long run.

  • Battery Life


Again, the first payment for a battery in an electric car is substantially more expensive than a petrol car. The difference is that with an electric car you only need to change the battery every five years or so. The longevity in buying a battery for an electric car compared to a petrol car is sort of a no-brainer with regard to the cost over the long-term.

  • Environmental Impact


Petrol cars emit dangerous gases like carbon monoxide into the environment, and the more number of cars in the city, the clean air is becoming more and more compromised. However, electing to purchase an electric car comes with little or no emissions since there is no fuel burning and no exhaust to let the gases escape into the atmosphere.

Now that you have a better understanding of the basic differences between electric and petrol cars, which of the two would you think best for your specific needs? Clearly, both have benefits and both have negatives – therefore it may be about what strikes you as more valuable to your life.