3 Ways To Save Money On Car Maintenance

Ask any expert mechanic about the best way to take care of a car and protect its resale value, and the first thing they’ll tell you is to have it serviced regularly according to the guidelines laid out in the logbook.

Some car owners are tempted to extend the time between car services, believing this to be a smart way to save money. But it’s not smart, because delaying services, or not doing them at all, will cost you a lot more in the long run and will also reduce the value of your car significantly.

Without regular servicing, you won’t know until it’s too late that the spark plugs need replacing, that the air filters are clogged and need to be cleared out or that there’s a dangerous build-up of oil residue on critical parts. If ignored, these problems can, at best, be costly to fix and, at worst, result in your car not working at all.

Now that we’ve established that regular servicing is an essential expense, here’s how to keep service costs at a minimum:

  1. Timely servicing

Regular servicing, which can feel like a grudge purchase at the time, is the best way to resolve any minor issues before they become major headaches and escalate into bigger problems which are even more expensive to repair.

Another benefit is that a car that is performing optimally is a car that uses fuel and oil economically. It’s a win-win.

  1. Consider car service schedules when shopping for a new car

Different makes and models of vehicles have different service schedules. Some require servicing every 10,000km or every six months, while others are serviced every 15,000km or every 12 months. Finding out all the details about the maintenance schedule of any car you’re considering purchasing will save you money down the line.

  1. Use an independent, local auto service centre

Local auto service centres have qualified and proficient mechanics who provide a quality, expert car service. They’ll also charge less than an official dealership would for the same work. Just be sure that you’re using a credible mechanic.

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