Is you car overheating or leaking coolant and you are searching for a mechanic near me? At Midas, we are the experts in cooling system repairs and servicing for your car, SUV or 4WD. Midas are your local experts in a wide variety of repairs by our fully qualified mechanics.

Did you know that your car’s cooling system needs servicing too? Many manufacturers recommend the coolant is changed every one to two years depending on the make and model and the coolant used. Your local Midas Tyre & Auto Service Centre can advise you.

And when your car sends you warning signs it’s time to come to Midas. For example:

  • Overheating due to low coolant levels or malfunctioning components?
  • Coolant leaks from damaged hoses or gaskets?
  • Thermostat failure leading to improper temperature control?
  • Radiator issues like blockages or leaks?
  • Water pump leaking or noisy?
  • Cooling fan not working?
  • Fluid under your vehicle when parked?
  • Blocked coolant passages obstructing coolant flow?
  • Temperature warning lights on?

Bring your car to Midas for inspection, diagnosis and mechanical repairs.

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