Did you know your car Exhaust system needs regular checks?

There’s one very obvious way to tell if your exhaust needs repairing. It makes a louder noise than you are accustomed to or to what you expect it should be making. Don’t let it reach the point in which your neighbours run for cover when you start your car in the morning!

However, the warning signs of a worn exhaust system are not always so obvious and no matter what anyone tells you, a problem exhaust will affect your car’s performance. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you have your car’s exhaust system checked regularly by a specialist. And it goes without saying that Midas Tyre & Auto Service has specialist, experienced and fully-qualified mechanics and technicians on site to manage and repair your entire exhaust system.

What does a catalytic converter do?

Since 1986, car manufacturers have been required by law to fit all new passenger vehicles with catalytic converters. A catalytic converter transforms harmful exhaust gases into elements which are environmentally friendly. In other words, it takes out the nasties.

These poisonous pollutants are actually converted into harmless nitrogen, carbon dioxide and water by your catalytic converter. Ultimately, it ensures what comes out of your exhaust pipe won’t harm Mother Nature.

You can see why it’s so important to have it in full working order!

What’s the difference between a car exhaust and a car muffler?

While the terms are often used interchangeably, there are some key differences between your car’s exhaust and muffler:

Car Exhaust

Your vehicle’s exhaust system is made up of various piping and components that direct the gasses produced in the engine. These gasses must be released into the air in a safe manner to maintain the health of you and your passengers. The exhaust works by collecting the gas and directing to the piping, leading it to the catalytic converter which breaks down the gas into safe compounds for release. Now in an environmentally friendly state, the gas can be directed out through the muffler.

Car Muffler

Your engine produces a significant amount of noise, and mufflers work to minimise this. Put simply, the exhaust controls the gas output, while the muffler controls the level of noise. Once the gas from the exhaust system reaches the muffler, it is filtered into various partitions, tubes and chambers that act as a cushion to suppress the noise. The gases are then released into the atmosphere via the tail pipe.

Would you like extra power?

If you want better performance in your car, the exhaust system is a good place to start.

Extractors are an inexpensive way to boost the power of your engine. You’ll be surprised at the difference.

At Midas, we offer a range of extractor brands for many vehicles, and extra power is just one of the advantages they offer. Here are a few more that apply:

  • Increased power for towing
  • Your engine runs cooler
  • Improved fuel economy
  • More torque from your 4WD

Advantages of a Midas repair

We have access to exhausts for over 2,000 different vehicles (including European and 4WD models) which can be expertly fitted to your car. Midas exhausts keep your car performing at maximum efficiency and prevent dangerous fumes from entering your car. Unlike many others, Midas guarantees all our exhaust parts and workmanship.

Book your car exhaust or muffler repair online now

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Are car mufflers and exhausts the same thing?

In short, no. The exhaust system is comprised of several pipes, and the exhaust is just one of them. The purpose of the exhaust is to convert the car’s emissions safely, while the muffler works to muffle the engine’s sound.

My car is old and is getting noisier. How do I know if my muffler went bad?

A tell-tale sign that you may need your car’s muffler repaired is in the sound. A failed muffler will produce a much louder noise, and a rattling sound may indicate that the muffler has come loose. If you’re unsure if your muffler has gone bad, bring your vehicle to Midas for a thorough inspection by our expert car mechanics.

How does a car muffler work?

A car muffler comprises various channels, tubes and holes that work together to direct gas and reduce the pressure on the exhaust. The muffler reduces the sound emitted from the engine and can also combine sound waves to cancel them out, making for a quiet, smoother-sounding drive.

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