Have you got a problem with your vehicle and you are searching for a mechanic near me? At Midas, we are the experts in a wide range of mechanical repairs for your car, SUV or 4WD. Midas are your local experts in a wide variety of repairs by our fully qualified mechanics.

When your car sends you warning signs it’s time to come to Midas. Keep an eye out for the following signs to know when it’s time to book your car in for some repairs. 

  • Sluggish acceleration?
  • Noisy or squeaking brakes?
  • Engine running hot?
  • Engine running rough?
  • Smokey exhaust?
  • Smell fuel?
  • Noises and knocking when your driving?
  • Is you car getting hard to start?
  • Vibrations from your engine or suspension?
  • Timing Belt due? 

Our Midas mechanics will dive deep into your car to determine what repairs are needed. With their years of experience, there isn’t a lot our team hasn’t come across. You can trust them to accurately diagnose the problem and provide a detailed report of what needs fixing before proceeding with the car repairs.

The Midas team can conduct a range of services or repairs for your car, whether it’s a day-to-day passenger vehicle, a 4WD or an SUV. Give the team a call today to book any automotive services. Some of our most popular services include: 

  • Logbook service: all cars require a logbook service. This requires your vehicle to be serviced at an interval nominated by your car’s manufacturer and to their specifications.
  • Extensive service: does your car need a more comprehensive check? Our extensive service involves checking all the critical safety, performance and maintenance systems required for your car to run smoothly. 
  • Essential service: a regular check that covers the essentials; book to get your lubricant and fluid levels checked and topped up, your brakes tested, and your exhaust, steering and suspension systems tested. It’s all about maintaining those crucial safety items. 
  • Car brake or suspension service: With our wide range of brake replacement parts, you won’t have any trouble upgrading your brakes. If it’s time for this critical safety feature to be checked, bring it to Midas. 
  • Electrical repairs: ready for a new car battery? We’ll remove old batteries, install new ones and run tests to ensure the battery is healthy and has operational power. 

Affordable mechanical repairs for your car

At Midas we pride ourselves on offering you the service you need for a competitive price. You won’t find a push to upsell here: we stick to the facts, repairing exactly what needs to be done. All our repairs undergo a strict safety check before being handed back to you, and once the car repairs are completed, you’ll receive a detailed vehicle service report that lets you know exactly what we did. 

All our services are tailored to what you need – for the best indication of price, get in touch with the team at Midas today. Our experienced mechanics will be able to supply you with an affordable quote that covers your repairs. 

Find car repair services across the country with Midas

You can stop searching “auto repair shop near me” or “car repair near me” – Midas is your answer. Our team of experienced mechanics are located across the country and is ready to help you inject new life into your car. Whether you’re looking for car repairs in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Launceston, Hobart, Gold Coast or Brisbane, you can easily locate a Midas store. Trust the team at Midas to get the job done to a high standard and at an affordable price. 

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