40 Years’ experience speaks for itself…

Midas is a trusted Australian household name with over 40 years’ experience in the Australian automotive services industry.

Initially, Midas established itself as an exhaust and muffler specialist, but over time has worked itself up to a brand that is proud to boast an all-encompassing range of services, specialising in car service, brakes, suspension and exhausts.

There are currently over 88 Midas Auto Service Centres across Australia, with a mix of company and franchise-owned stores. We have an ambitious plan to grow our network across Australia and are continually looking for exciting, new locations.

The Midas brand is synonymous with high-quality, trust and attention to customer needs. We offer down-to-earth pricing, with no ‘ifs’ or ‘buts’. We want you to know where you stand by clearly outlining your service options and enabling you to pay for your service over time. We manage one of the country’s largest networks of auto service centres, and we are committed to expanding our services whenever we can, in the aim to create a better and more transparent offering for our customers.

How does Midas operate?

We operate as part of a community of customers, employees, franchisees, suppliers and consultants. The franchisees and Midas work together in an open environment based on common goals and mutual trust. Midas demands integrity throughout the organisation and seeks to work within the spirit, as well as within every letter of the law.

We involve our suppliers and consultants in the running of the business and consider them to be true partners. Midas delegates authority to its employees to act and make decisions autonomously, which encourages our employees to take an ownership of the business by creating an informal and enjoyable environment. We aim to stimulate each person to develop new ideas and initiate improvements to our methods of operation. Both employees and franchisees alike can take great satisfaction from Midas’ achievements and can be proud of the part they play in its successes.

We take our customers safety very seriously.

All of Midas’ franchises employ qualified technicians to work on our customers’ vehicles. The Midas brand enjoys the reputation for using products of the highest quality, sourcing products with factory-original specifications. This ensures that the maintenance and services performed by our technicians will ensure your safety & long term satisfaction.

We take our customers feedback seriously. 

Midas are committed to providing the highest level of servicing and we measure this by using our specifically designed SMS feedback program. This SMS customer feedback program is tailored to deliver a method to ensure your suggestions of how the store can improve their service, and or an acknowledgement that you have received the highest level of service.