Crucial Car Servicing Tips

Why regular servicing is essential!

Although many drivers argue that the cost of a service is simply not in their current budget and, since the car doesn’t have any imminent danger signs, they may not be thinking about getting a service.

But perhaps the penny-wise adage may prove well in this case since the regular maintenance of a vehicle is a proven saving, not only for the pocket but for the very sake of the car itself.

What’s more, regular servicing can even add to your resale value because most buyers will want a full-service record; and Midas can provide you with all the necessary service statements, guaranteeing you peace of mind and a vehicle that won’t let you down. 

Here are some servicing tips to consider:

Check your car’s fluids

You can have your car fluids checked at any service station. Or if you’re the hands-on type, lifting the bonnet and taking just three or four minutes is all it takes. But we at Midas strongly suggest you check your basic fluids to ensure that, for example, your engine is well lubricated.

If you are not well-versed in car maintenance, we strongly suggest not doing this yourself. Rather, bring your vehicle into your nearest Midas Service Centre. We will gladly have your car serviced, and you will leave with complete peace of mind.

Tyres are more important than you think

Tyres are simply the wheels that hold the important parts of the car on the road. Worn or partially/excessively inflated tyres may even lead to accidents. Petrol consumption and a comfortable ride may also be affected by the tyre condition.

However, the most important thing of all is the grip the tyre has on the road. In wet conditions, imperfect tyres can lead to serious accidents. The tread of your tyre needs to be checked by a professional. Midas will gladly tell you if you need to replace one or all four of your tyres, just by studying the tread.

We suggest you check them once a month. Check for pressures, tread or any damage such as an embedded nail or foreign object.

And one last thing, don’t neglect to check your spare tyre. It will lose pressure over time; and in the event of a blowout, you will need that spare tyre.


Have a look at all your lights, which includes the headlights, indicators, rear lights and internal lights. Ensure they are in perfect order. If you don’t have someone to help you check your brake light, you can do it at night and see the reflection of the red light behind.

Also, remember to check the fog lights if your car is fitted with them, as well as your reverse lights.

Reading always educates

If you have any uncertainties about the maintenance of your car, you can simply read your owner’s manual and see for yourself. Educating yourself before taking it to a mechanic is always a good thing so that when he or she explains things to you about your car, you’re on the same page.Your manual should contain everything clearly and simply.

For any other uncertainties, or if reading it is just too technical for you, give us a call and we’re always ready to help.

A well-maintained car

Once you’ve managed all the minor servicing of your car such as an oil change, take your car for a ride and pay special attention to the sounds and movement. A bumpy ride or swerving to the left may indicate an alignment issue. But if all seems nice, smooth and just the way you want it to be, then enjoy the rest of the ride.

If the sound of your car changes, it may suggest a small crack in your exhaust system. This would need attention immediately.

A shaking steering wheel could indicate tyre problems.Or, if your brakes feel hard or different, visit a professional mechanic immediately before it’s too late.

It’s what’s inside that counts

Once a month you should have a look at the interior of your car. Starting with the seats, ensure that they are properly mounted to the floor and that they do not give that wobbly sensation. If they do, it could be a sign that the seats are not securely set in place. Why is this a problem? Imagine a collision… You would want your seat to remain securely on the ground and not be loose enough to have you tossed about and thrown against the dashboard or through the windscreen. 

We suggest to our clients to check their seatbelts and test them by pulling them in a fast, jerked motion. If the reaction time is slow or ineffective, then you may need to come in and have it assessed professionally. This could save your life and the lives of your passengers.

Also, keep your car neat. This is not necessarily a point for purely aesthetic reasons, but rather for the point of safety. Loose objects on the floor can hinder your driving and cause accidents. If a toy or a bottle is lodged under your brake, you can only imagine what could happen. However, while we’re on the subject of aesthetics and cleanliness, keeping your windscreen clean is important so that your visibility is clear all the time.

12 days a year

Once a month, do this check. It will give you peace of mind and will also help you recognise any potential threats, which could end up costing you a fortune if left for longer periods of time.

Have it checked out? If you aren’t the type to do it yourself, then please feel free to contact any Midas store and explain to them your service query, big or small. Midas is always happy to assist.

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