A speedbump can be a nuisance, right? Yes, they are put in places for the safety of the community, usually in residential areas – and we should respect the speedbump by slowing down in order to keep the speed to a minimum. However, many are guilty of speeding over the speedbump, especially when in a hurry.

If you have sped over a speedbump, you could not only be endangering innocent pedestrians and other road users, but you could actually be damaging your own car, in several ways.

  • Shocks


Shock absorbers are designed to take on a lot of pressure. Without them, the car would simply not drive straight and would eventually fall apart, bit by bit. However, there is just so much pressure and energy a shock can absorb at one time. Speeding over a speedbump leaves the shocks unable to absorb the energy created and can wear them down.

  • Tyres


Tyres are robust by design. However, when it comes to speeding over speedbumps, there’s something else to consider. The sidewalls of your tyres are not designed to withstand such blows. If the sidewalls of your tyres grate the bump at speed, you could expect damage; and if not repaired in time, it is likely that a blowout could occur.

  • Exhaust


Your exhaust system wouldn’t receive damage by a speedbump, even if you were travelling fast over one – however, since the exhaust is positioned directly under your vehicle, it could receive a direct knock. With a damaged exhaust system, your car can become unroadworthy, resulting in hefty fines – depending on the state or territory you live in – due to the emissions it will create.

  • Steering


With damaged or unsecured shocks, there is no way you can expect your steering to be in order. Eventually, your wheel alignment will begin to relax, which can cause serious problems on the road. What’s more, your braking system will also be affected by poor shocks due to speeding over speedbumps.

Now that you’re aware of the potential damage you can cause by speeding over a speedbump, not to mention the cost involved in repairing such damage, you should be more conscious when approaching a bump in the road.


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