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The battery and electrical system are the heart of your car. The battery starts your engine and powers lights, wipers, windows and other accessories. If you can’t start your car, it could be your battery, your starter or the charging system.

Today’s vehicles require much more from the battery; they not only provide energy to the starting system but they are vital for on board systems & accessories.

Many vehicles now use Stop/Start technology to maximise engine fuel efficiency, increasing demand on battery performance.

At Midas, our comprehensive car battery replacement service will have you back on the road in no time. We’ll test your car battery’s health and the charge rate of the electrical system charging your battery, allowing our technicians to quickly confirm if a starting problem is the battery or another component.

We recycle all used batteries and correctly dispose of hazardous materials via our licensed environmental partners.

Drive away with peace of mind knowing that when you choose Midas for your car battery replacement, you’re covered under our National Guarantee.

Does my car battery need replacing?

Car batteries are long-lasting and only need replacing every three to seven years. However, if your car battery is showing signs of fatigue, it’s time to get it checked out by an expert car mechanic. Here are some signs that your car battery may be running low:

  • Your car’s dashboard displays a warning light: This is often the first indication that your car battery is flat or running low. If the battery light appears when you start your vehicle, your battery may be running low.
  • Your car battery won’t accept a charge: If you hear rapid clicks instead of your engine starting, and jump-starting doesn’t help, you may need a new car battery to get you back on the road.
  • Your car battery can’t hold a charge: Jump-starting can be a band-aid fix for an underlying issue – a flat car battery. If your car needs to be jump-started repeatedly, you’re at greater risk of being stranded. Your car battery should be replaced as soon as possible.
  • Your car battery displays low voltage on a voltmeter.

If you’ve noticed any of the above signs, bring your car into your nearest Midas service centre and our experienced car mechanics will do the rest. Book online or call us on 13 64 32 today.

Choose Midas for car battery replacement in Sydney

When only the best will do, talk to Midas about your next car battery replacement in Sydney. Not only will you receive standout customer care, but quality service and assurance:

  • We’ll inspect and diagnose the issue, and run some tests to confirm the state of your car battery.
  • Once we confirm that your battery needs replacing, we’ll get it done on the spot. Most battery replacements take 20-30 minutes.
  • Drive away safely with the peace of mind that all our batteries are covered under our National Guarantee.

Browse all of our available batteries below, or book a car battery replacement service online.

Available Batteries

Stop / Start

Evolution EFB

Evolution AGM



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(premium level)

SUV / 4WD / Light Commercial


(budget level)


(genuine spec level)


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Need your car battery replaced in Sydney? It’s as easy as finding your nearest Midas service centre. With over a dozen locations in NSW, including Parramatta, Hornsby, Kirrawee and everywhere in between, you won’t be stranded ever again. More Australians are turning to Midas for our standout customer care and exceptional results. Book your car battery replacement online now, or find a Midas location near you.


How do I know what the best battery is for my car?

Your vehicle owner’s manual has information about the type of battery required for your car. If you’re stuck or unsure, the experienced team at Midas can advise the best battery to suit your car make and model. Always have your car battery expertly fitted and replaced every few years to keep your car running smoothly.

Do the batteries come with a warranty?

At Midas, all of our car batteries are covered under our National Guarantee for peace of mind. You may be eligible for an additional warranty, depending on the manufacturer of our car battery. If you have any questions or concerns about your warranty, get in touch with our friendly team today.

How long do car batteries last?

Most car batteries are manufactured to last between three to seven years. However, this varies due to the climate and your individual driving patterns. You should replace your car battery once its capacity has dropped below 12V. If you suspect that your battery is running low, get in touch with the Midas team today.

Do you service all of New South Wales?

With over 80 locations across Australia, there’s a Midas service centre near you. Visit us in Gosford, Penrith, Heathcote, Bankstown and everywhere in between for great value car servicing from professionals that you can trust. Trust Midas for all your automotive needs across New South Wales.

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