Mineral Oil: GOOD

Mineral oil is defined as being a natural oil, that is refined to remove contamination and waxes. Mineral oils tend to be less expensive than higher grade oils as they contain fewer additives and offer less protection once they reach the end of their service life. The cheaper price may sound attractive when engine service is required, however this grade of oil offers far less protection against wear and contamination. This oil should only be utilized, where the manufacturer has recommended it’s use.


Semi-Synthetic: BETTER

Semi-Synthetic oils are defined as being a mix and a blend of Mineral and Synthetic oils. The pros of using this blend of oil are that it provides an increase in fuel economy, protection and gives better performance to your vehicle. The only con is that it isn’t as good as a full synthetic blend that maximises the full potential of your engine. While this blend of oil is more recommended than Mineral based oils, it still has disadvantages over full synthetic oils, such as breakdowns of your motor vehicle at temperatures that are high.


Full-Synthetic: BEST

Opposed to the Mineral and Semi-Synthetic oil blends, Full-Synthetic branded oils are completely human made and are deemed to be the best blended oils on the market. These oils have been developed specifically for the best protection, fuel economy and to give you the most maximum performance to bring the best out of your vehicle on the road. The benefit of full-synthetic oil blends is that they contain engine additives that ensure that your vehicle isn’t impacted over time and the frequency of oil changes isn’t done on a short-term basis. Manufacturers and service centres recommend this oil for all vehicles.