Does Your Car’s Air Conditioning Need Servicing

Perhaps your car’s air conditioner isn’t top-of-mind in winter, but it’s the ideal time to have it checked. It’s been working hard all summer and may be worn. Besides, winter brings its own challenges. Your air conditioning is the quickest way to demist foggy windows, so it’s important that it’s in prime working condition.

So what are some of the signs that your A/C unit needs repair?

Taking longer to demist

A lack of refrigerant may be due to a blocked tube or hose, or a damaged evaporator. If you notice your A/C is taking longer to demist your windows than usual, it needs to be checked before it becomes a major repair job. It could also be that your refrigerant is leaking, which means moisture is present and it needs immediate attention before it damages other vital parts of your A/C system.

The airflow seems weaker

This could mean that the air is struggling to reach your air vents. Accumulated mould in the evaporator could be one reason. Others include a loose blower hose or one of the seals in the system.

Visible water on your mat

This is an indication that your dashboard is leaking and can create further damage to other components. Have it checked immediately. Sometimes, oil can leak too but this won’t be visible. So if you notice that it isn’t functioning properly, this could be an invisible cause.

Sudden warming

If your air conditioner starts out cool but then blows out warm air after a while, it may be a clogged expansion valve. Or simply a sign of a blown fuse that needs replacing before you blow your own.

Rattling or other strange noises

If you hear noises when you switch your air conditioner on, it could be a broken fan belt or condenser, or possibly just debris in the fan. Either way, don’t ignore the noises.

Unpleasant smells or a burning odour

A smell of old sweat could mean your cabin’s air filter may be worn. You need to have this cleaned or replaced to prevent long-term damage to your A/C system. On the other hand, a burning smell means that the wirings need to be replaced immediately.

Any of these signs are an indication that your car’s A/C needs repair, not only to keep your car comfortable but also to mitigate further damage. Regular servicing would keep your repair costs down and reduce your fuel consumption too.

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