Everything You Need To Know About Your Car’s Coolant

Cars are complex machines, and keeping them on the road often requires specialist assistance from experts well versed in its complex technology. With Midas, you have the peace of mind knowing that you can let someone else take over your car servicing struggles, but it always helps to make sure that you have a basic understanding of the components that keep your car functioning and what they do. This blog will tackle the role that antifreeze – or coolant – has to play in keeping your car going.

Coolant is a fluid that helps keep your engine cool by absorbing its excess heat and then dissipating that heat through your car’s radiator as it passes through it and is cooled by the air. If there wasn’t something channeling away this excess heated energy, the interior parts of your car could melt together and stop working!

Coolant has rust inhibiting and anti-corrosive qualities to prevent it from creating rust and damaging the metal inside of your car as it does its job. Most modern vehicles have sealed off coolant systems that use long life coolant that you don’t even need to top up yourself, and have recommended intervals when your coolant should be replaced (this is normally something factored into and undertaken during a scheduled service). That said, it helps to know if and when a top up is necessary, just in case.

In very rare instances, coolant systems can leak fluid internally or externally. Normally a drastic leak will cause a dashboard warning light to come on. Every other week, it is recommended that you take a look under the hood of your car to see if the level has rapidly dropped. You should also note if the colour of your coolant has become darker or cloudy or if it has deposits in it. A dropped level could indicate a leak somewhere and cloudy, dark coolant could indicate a change is necessary or that there is a more serious problem internally.

Knowledge is power, and knowing when to turn to a professional for assistance could mean the difference between spending hundreds of dollars on repairs or getting a minor service done. Being aware of your car’s coolant will help you do this!

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