Five Things You Need To Know About Car Warranties

Car warranties in Australia are necessary. Without one, you could look at an expensive future of repairs, which could otherwise be avoided with a warranty.

Let’s look at the five most important things you need to know about your car’s warranty:

  1. Definition:

A warranty is a manufacture’s promise or surety to repair or replace any faults that occur during the period of warranty. There is no charge for this and it generally includes the replacement of faulty parts that were due to manufacturing defects or faults.

  1. Warranty means:

Having a warranty will save you a lot of money. New car warranties are issued for a period of three years or more. Used cars may come with a three-month warranty offer, or in some cases more, depending on the dealership. The warranty covers claims associated to the whole car with regard to defects pertaining to its reliability, safety and roadworthiness.

  1. Warranty doesn’t mean:

Damage caused by yourself or general wear and tear to your car such as the need to replace tyres or brakes aren’t covered in most of Australian car warranties. Cosmetic repairing of your vehicle or poor driving that leads to damages are also not covered.

  1. Options:

If you haven’t heard of an “extended warranty”, you may want to consider asking your dealership about the cost of one. There may be specific stipulations attached to adding an extended warranty, which may include that you must always have your car serviced at a particular service centre. It may be well worth organising one.

  1. Claiming:

If your claim on a warranty is discarded or rejected for whatever reason and you feel that your claim should have been paid, then you can escalate your claim by contacting relevant state bodies. Always ensure that you read your warranty agreement carefully and know when the date or the kilometre range expires.

For car warranties in Australia that are not “extended warranties”, you’re allowed to have your vehicle serviced during the period of your warranty at any service station, as long as the service centre you select uses original parts as per the manufacturing guide. If you’re still uncertain and want to know more, or if you want to have your car serviced at a reputable service centre, contact 13 MIDAS (6432).

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