Stop Braking So Much Or You May Just Damage Your Car

Stop Braking So Much Or You May Just Damage Your Car

Your brakes help to keep you safe on the road, which entails enabling you to stop suddenly in the event of a potential accident, or just as part of your daily commute. However, overusing or excessively slamming on your brakes, may actually be causing damage to your car. Here’s how:

  • Your Tyres

We’re sure you’ve been in traffic on our busy roads. Most likely, you’ll stop and start a fair few times before you get to work, or back home. However, the constant breaking is causing wear on your tyres, which means that excessive braking can cause your tyre treads to wear out that much quicker.

  • Your Brake Fluid

If you tend to constantly touch on the brake pedal, it can cause issues in the brake fluid tube. This tube is responsible for transferring the fluid to the brake pads, and any damage can lead to a tube burst. In the event of a fault, your brakes will be unable to function normally, which may lead to an accident.

  • Your Driving Shaft

If you think of your driving shaft, think of a ball inside a socket. Now, every time you hit the brakes, even if it is to slow down, as you should, the ball is released from the socket. Excessive braking can lead to your driving shaft becoming damaged, which impacts on the overall functioning of your car. If this happens, you will have to replace it, especially if you start hearing a noise when you brake lightly to turn a corner.

These issues might sound problematic, because we have to use our brakes to stop and to slow down. However, if it’s something done excessively, it means that you will have to replace your brakes (and possibly other parts) sooner than is necessary.

That’s why you need to drive at safe speeds so you can smoothly brake, and try to eliminate as much stop/start driving as possible.

If you need help or if you aren’t sure about your braking habits or potential wear and tear to your car caused by excessive braking, contact Midas. It’s our aim to give you the advice you need to ensure that your brakes, and the rest of your car’s systems are in working condition.


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