The Seven Most Expensive Car Parts To Service

Did you know that more than half of Australian drivers take as long as possible between services in order to save as much money as possible? It’s true, according to a recent survey. However, if that same 52% of the population were aware that the cost of repairing major damaged parts is far more expensive than regular servicing, they would probably change their mind.

Save yourself the expensive trouble, and discover what the seven most expensive car parts are to repair:

  1. Cylinders

If you go for regular services, then you will more than likely never have to repair a cylinder. Just a repair job can cost you anything from $8000 and up. That’s a lot of money, and can be avoided if you rather service the part regularly.

  1. Engines

Complex repairs are needed for a blown motor, which is bad news. It can cost you up to $4000 to repair, depending on where you go. For this reason, which is reason enough, service your car regularly.

  1. Spark plugs

Although spark plugs are not expensive themselves – costing around $10 or so – when spark plugs fail, other more serious problems generally occur. If you have a warning light, go to a reputable mechanic immediately.

  1. Car keys

It seems silly, but car keys are very expensive. If you lose your car key, you will have to have it ordered, cut and coded before you get the replacement, which can cost around $700. If you lose both your car keys, you could be looking at close to $2000.

  1. Transmission

Unfortunately, the lack of transmission fluid, especially in automatic cars, can lead to transmission failure. Repairs can cost between $900 and $2000, whereas an entire replacement will more than likely cost up to $4000.

  1. Camshaft

A camshaft repair is one of the most avoidable jobs, but one of the most laborious, which means if you neglect to check your oil, you’re looking at a repair job of about $2500.

  1. Head gasket

If the head gasket blows, it generally affects surrounding parts, making the job complicated and expensive. A replacement is not expensive, but replacing it requires several man-hours, costing between $1000 and $2000.

With this warning, the next time your car needs a service, ensure you take it in for one. Also, keep in mind that not all mechanics were created equal. Find a trustworthy vehicle service repair centre that uses only the best parts and employs qualified mechanics, such as Midas. Call 13 MIDAS (6432) for a peace-of-mind service that could save you both time and money in the long-run.


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