What To Listen Out For When You Think Your Car’s Suspension System Is Giving Out

A car’s suspension is the part that keeps our ride smooth, and when it comes to fixing it, sometimes we wait a while before getting it attended to.

However, your car’s suspension system can have a huge impact on your car’s overall health. If you are uncertain whether it’s in the best condition, here are some pointers you need to look out for.

Tell-tale noises

Strange noises cropping up while you’re driving is never a good sign, and is very often an indicator of something acting up. With regards to your suspension system’s overall health, you should listen out for these sounds:

  • Knocking

If you hear a knocking sound when your car is turning the corner, or hitting a speed bump, it could be because of worn out shocks that cause the car’s coil springs to vibrate against its chassis.

  • Squeaks and grunts

If your car is making grunting or squeaking sounds when you’re going over bumps or turning, it could be a result of your front steering mechanism that’s wearing out. Be sure to have this checked out, since continued damage could result in you losing control of the car’s steering.

  • Unoiled door hinges

If your car goes over bumps, and rocks up and down, or moves to the side, and you hear a sound that’s close to a rusty or unoiled door hinge opening up, it might be a sign that the ball joints in your car’s suspension system is on its way out.

  • Rattling

Your car’s suspension system is a complicated part of your car, which means there are parts that can give out which don’t make a specific noise. Keep your ears pitched for general rattling sounds when the suspension comes into use, as you’ve probably guessed from the above, this is often the case when turning a corner, or going over a speed bump. If the rattling sounds persist, be sure to get to your local mechanic, as it might be indicative of a systemic issue.

The suspension system in your car is largely in charge of keeping your car’s tyres on the road, while also ensuring you have a smooth ride. This means that if you encounter any issues, however small, you should consider having them checked out by immediately a reliable and trusted mechanic.

If you would like your suspension checked, get in touch with your local Midas repair centre or book an appointment online now.