All Fuelled-Up And Ready To Hit Australia’s Open Roads? Use This Road Trip Checklist To Ensure Your Car Is Mechanically Trustworthy

Checklist to ensure your car is mechanically trustworthy!

Be good to your car before your road trip, and it will return the favour. Do this by taking good care of it – have it thoroughly inspected and repaired (if needed) or parts replaced – before departure. Having a road trip checklist to refer to will make sure that you have a car that is in good condition for an extended journey.        

Here are some of the essential items that would appear on any experienced mechanic’s safety checklist:


This is easy to check by looking out for any warning acid leaks or visible signs of damage. Check the cables too.


All lights – headlights, fog lights, indicators and brake lights – should be working properly. Have bulbs replaced if any are fuzed.


A brake inspection should be performed by a reputable mechanic and brakes should be functioning at least on 50%.

Tyre pressure

You know the importance of having your tyres correctly inflated and in good condition. But did you know that there’s a difference between winter and summer tyres? Depending on the season and your destination, chat to a tyre specialist to find out if you have the right tyres fitted for your purposes. Also, make sure you have a fully operational spare tyre.

While not relating to the mechanical aspects of your car, your car road trip checklist should also tick off:

  • An emergency or survival kit (first-aid, flashlight, new batteries, blanket, water and food)
  • Essential car information such as insurance information, car warranty and emergency contact numbers
  • A spare set of car keys should yours get lost (you never know)


You don’t have to be a car expert yourself to make certain your car is well-prepped for a long road trip. We have expert mechanics at Midas Auto Centres readily available who can give your car a thorough inspection and take care of any repairs or replacements that need to be done, saving you time. Call a Midas Auto Centre near you to book your car safety inspection today. We have company and franchised-owned centres all across Australia.