Why And How To Check Your Car’s Water And Oil Levels

There has been no end to the advances in motoring technology over the past years, but chances are that you still have to check your car’s fluid levels, and the most important of these are undoubtedly oil and water. If you’re unsure why, or even how, we’ve got a couple of pointers ready for you. … Continued

Here Are Four Car Problems That You Might Encounter In Cold Weather

The Australian winter is just past halfway, which means we can still expect some cold weather to come our way. It might feel like a hassle to deal with the winter weather, but did you know your car can also be affected by the cold conditions? We’ve put together some of the most important parts … Continued

5 Quick Checks That Will Help Keep Your Exhaust System Healthy

Your exhaust is one of the most important parts of your car engine’s emission system. Its primary function is to direct the gases produced during your engine’s combustion cycle away from your car, keeping you, and it, safe. For this reason, it’s also very important to keep your exhaust system in good condition, which is … Continued

Do You Know How Often To Replace Your Shock Absorbers?

Many drivers don’t realise that shock absorbers do more than control the movement of their vehicle’s springs and suspension system. They also work to keep all four wheels on the ground, preventing the vehicle from rolling. That makes shock absorbers a critical component, so you need to know how often to replace them for the … Continued

Why It’s Essential To Maintain Your Car’s Brake Fluid Level

When you fill up your car with fuel and check your oil and water, do you also check your brake fluid regularly? Probably not, but you should because it’s essential for the safe operation of your car. If your brake fluid level is too low, or the fluid contains contaminants or too much water, your … Continued

The Common Signs That Your Car Needs A Suspension Service

You check your oil filters, brakes and tyres regularly, but how often do you think about your suspension? Taking it for granted is a dangerous mistake because the struts and shocks on your car aren’t just there to ensure a smooth ride. They perform a vital role in keeping you safe on the road. A … Continued