3 Ways To Save Money On Car Maintenance

Ask any expert mechanic about the best way to take care of a car and protect its resale value, and the first thing they’ll tell you is to have it serviced regularly according to the guidelines laid out in the logbook. Some car owners are tempted to extend the time between car services, believing this … Continued

Tips To Ensure Your Car Gets You Safely Through Winter

Being well-prepared for all weather conditions is always a good idea, but driving in wintry conditions poses unique risks and dangers, making preparedness even more crucial. We take a look at some of the most critical safety measures Australians can put in place to avoid being left stranded in the cold. Winter temps are bad … Continued

The Difference Between ABS And Traditional Brakes

Modern technologies enable automotive engineers to produce cars with advanced braking systems, which ensure much safer driving. Some of the popular driver-assist safety features car buyers look for are automatic braking, collision-avoidance systems and hill-descent control. But for these technologically advanced systems to work as they should, they need a fully-functioning anti-lock braking system (ABS). … Continued

How To Identify If Your Auto Transmission Requires Repair

If you’ve ever driven a manual transmission vehicle, you’ll know that problems tend to be obvious and can be reduced by changing your own driving habits. With an automatic transmission system, it may be harder to detect problems before they become major – and expensive – issues. We’ve put together some warning signs that could … Continued

Is There Any Difference Between A Muffler And An Exhaust?

As a responsible motorist, you want to understand the basic systems in your car that keep you, your passengers and other drivers safe on Australia’s roads. The combustion process in your car’s engine produces gas. To reduce the harmful byproducts, the output has to be controlled. This is the job of your car’s exhaust. The engine … Continued

Does Your Car’s Air Conditioning Need Servicing

Perhaps your car’s air conditioner isn’t top-of-mind in winter, but it’s the ideal time to have it checked. It’s been working hard all summer and may be worn. Besides, winter brings its own challenges. Your air conditioning is the quickest way to demist foggy windows, so it’s important that it’s in prime working condition. So … Continued