If you need a logbook car service in Brisbane, you Midas well have the best. Midas offers scheduled logbook servicing to keep your vehicle running as it should. A logbook service is when your car is serviced in regular intervals as specified by the vehicle manufacturer. 

During your new car’s warranty period, it does not need to be serviced by a dealer. Independent repairers such as Midas have been approved by the ACCC to sign or stamp your service logbook. This does not impact your statutory warranty period, provided that the repairer is qualified, follows the manufacturer’s requirements, and uses products that meet the original specification. For more information regarding consumer rights and servicing vehicles under warranty, please read this information booklet from the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association.

Do I need a logbook service or a basic service?

A logbook service is different from a basic car service as there are different guidelines that are followed. If your car is still under warranty, a logbook service follows the manufacturer’s procedures exactly, ensuring that your warranty is validated. A basic service takes into consideration the condition of your vehicle, and is an ideal solution if your car is no longer under warranty as the manufacturer’s recommendations do not need to be strictly adhered to.

Our logbook car service in Brisbane includes all parts, oils and scheduled service items, including a Midas safety check and vehicle inspection report. Not only are they great value for money, but you also have the added convenience of maintaining your vehicle at your local Midas shop.

Logbook service key items:

  • Check registration
  • Change engine oil and filter
  • Check or replace all scheduled service items
  • Check under the bonnet
  • Check under the car
  • Check tyres & lights
  • Midas inspection and safety check
  • Road test up to 60km/hr & report
  • Logbook stamped *

* Conditions apply. Ask your Midas Service Centre for details or recommendations to maintain your statutory new car warranty

Book your logbook car service in Brisbane

Has it been a while since you last booked a logbook car service in Brisbane? Talk to the friendly team at Midas. We also offer our logbook service on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba to Mackay and Cairns, as well as throughout Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Adelaide. Book your logbook service online today or find a Midas service centre near you.


Do I need a logbook service or a basic car service?

If your new car is still under warranty, a logbook service ensures that the manufacturer’s guidelines are strictly followed to ensure your warranty remains valid. If your vehicle is not under warranty, then you may only need a basic service to conduct necessary checks and replace your engine oil and oil filter.

How often should I get a full service for my car?

When you purchase a new vehicle, it will come with a logbook that outlines regular intervals for servicing. New cars should be serviced every six months, or 10,000km. Older cars, and cars that are frequently driven on rough terrain should be serviced every three months, or 5,000km.

What do I do in case of a problem/if an issue persists?

Booking in for a regular logbook car service in Brisbane ensures that any issues with your vehicle are detected early. If the problem persists, our expert car mechanics can perform a full inspection to diagnose the issue and recommend the best course of action.


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