Avoid Unexpected Car Problems In Summer. What You Need To Know About The Effects Of Summer Heat On Your Car

While Australians may be avid sun lovers, the same can’t be said for their cars. Extreme summer temperatures in Australia can wreak its own form of torture on a sun-baked car. From overheated engines to blown radiators to reducing the lifespan of the battery, the destructive effects of the summer heat on your vehicle can be wide ranging and not just limited to the exterior of a car.

A car that has been parked out in the scorching summer sun can heat up to feel as if you’re stepping into a furnace. An average Australian summer’s day can yield temperatures inside a car of 40 degrees higher than it is outside. It does not take a stretch of the imagination to understand that the internal components will not go unscathed for long when exposed to such fierce temperatures.

Apart from the more commonly-known effects such as ruining the paint job, a few parts of your vehicle that come under fire of the summer sun include:

Battery life

It is a commonly-known fact – get your car battery checked in winter. But hot temperatures, too, can reduce the shelf life of your car’s battery. In the summer it becomes essential to check on the fluid levels in the battery as the heat evaporates these levels and affects the reliable performance of this essential car part.

Belts and pipes

Long periods of sun exposure can result in breakage of belts and pipes found under the car’s hood that then need replacing or faulty belts can render your car immobile.

Reduction in fluid levels

It is not just a battery’s fluid levels that are affected by extreme temperatures. Coolant levels, transmission fluids and engine oil need to be checked, changed and topped up if necessary. In the same way that you need to keep hydrated in the heat, so too do certain parts of your car depend on adequate lubrication levels.

Tyre pressure

Blistering hot road surfaces and incorrectly inflated tyres are a recipe for disaster. Reduce the chances of a tyre blowout by checking tyre pressure regularly during summer.

If your car is parked off for lengthy periods out in the sun in summerand you want to avoid unexpected car problems, get peace of mind by bringing it into one of our reputable auto service centres for an inspection. At Midas we have highly trained technicians who will ensure that you get behind the wheel of a healthy and sound car. You will find us represented in all major regions across Australia.