Complete This Checklist before Putting Your Car in Storage

There are many reasons why a person could need to put a functional car in storage. You might be going away on an extended working trip. You might be taking a break from driving that particular vehicle due to a change in season. You might be saving money by becoming a single car household. Whatever your reasons are, don’t forget that you can’t just switch it off and forget about it. Here is a checklist you should work through to make sure your car remains functional when you decide to drive it again:

  • CLEAN IT THOROUGHLY – leaving dirt, rust or grime to sit on any surface for a long period of time can cause permanent staining or damage, so make sure you clean your car on the inside and out.
  • CHECK YOUR FLUIDS – this includes topping your coolant, oil and water if needed or replacing them if you haven’t done so in while. That way, when you resume driving, there will be one less thing you have to worry about.
  • INFLATE YOUR TYRES – a prolonged period of pressure will likely deflate your tyres. To avoid getting greeted with a flat, make sure they’re pumped to the maximum just before you put your car in storage.
  • REMOVE YOUR BATTERY – if you aren’t going to be driving for more than a few months then remove your car battery to prevent it from losing its charge or corroding. It also acts as a deterrent should someone try and steal it during this period.
  • COVER IT UP – depending on how and where you store your car, you might end up attracting insects, pests, dust and moisture. If you think that this might happen then a complete car cover would be best for additional protection.


Make sure you tick off the points on the above checklist and your car will be ready to go once you decide to take it out of storage and drive it again. If you can put it in storage after a major or minor service, even better!