Flat Tyres—What You Need To Know!

A flat tyre can be a harrowing experience, especially during peak hours on busy roads. Although random punctures cannot be avoided, there are sure ways to prevent flat tyres and, in so doing, prevent other expensive complications and vehicle damage.

Here are three things you need to know about flat tyres:

  1. How to avoid flat tyres and damage

Certain tyres show visible signs of damage such as irregularities that include bumps or bubble-like features. If you see this, call a professional mechanic or car service centre to have a look or to replace it. You should also check your tyre’s pressure at regular intervals to ensure there is sufficient air pressure. Also, have your mechanic conduct a thorough check of your tread and pressure the next time you take it in.

  1. What other damages can flat tyres cause

A flat tyre, if driven for an extended period of time, can lead to other serious damages to your vehicle such as severe wheel and structural damage, which will cost a significant amount to repair, not to mention the cost of a brand-new tyre. The more major concern is that if you continue driving on a flat tyre, you could lose control of the vehicle and have an accident.

  1. What to do in the event of a puncture

The first thing you need to do is remain calm and slow down at a gradual, controlled speed, alerting other drivers by putting on your hazard lights. Stop on the side of the road and call a mechanic or emergency roadside assistance. Alternatively, if you know how to change a tyre yourself, do so immediately, provided you have a spare tyre available and the adequate tools. It can be straightforward to repair a punctured tyre, depending on the damage. Plugs are inexpensive and are generally safe, but to be sure, consult your preferred car service centre.

Keep in mind that any sign of a flat tyre can lead to serious damage to your vehicle and can cost you a lot of money. More than this, flat tyres can lead to life-threatening situations. Therefore, it is imperative you consult with a professional car service centre, such as Midas, by calling 13 MIDAS (6432).


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