Highly Effective Drivers Know the Importance of a Well-Maintained Vehicle

Look after your car!

A highly effective driver knows the importance of ensuring that all road rules and regulations are met, but they also know the importance of looking after their car. If you are one of the nine out of ten Australians (living in the greater outer areas of major Australian metropolises) spending an hour and a half on the road commuting to work every day (as reported by a recent government analysis) then having a reliable car to drive becomes a top priority. A reliable car translates into having an engine that is well-tuned and that sees consistent regular service schedules being responsibly maintained.

Urban driving can take a heavy toll on the mechanical systems of a car. Not driving in the correct gear, repetitive breaking, harsh accelerating, idling and conveying heavy loads all contribute negatively to the wear and tear of a vehicle, fast tracking the car to the end of its lifecycle.

The heart of a car is its engine and monotonous city driving takes a heavy toll on this most important part of any vehicle, dramatically reducing its performance capabilities and fuel efficiency. The most effective way of maintaining your car’s engine is with regular servicing at an expert service centre. This is the only sure-fire way to make sure that your engine is in good condition whenever you are out on the road for hours on end. Through constant use, engines can build up an excess of carbon deposits and oil degradation that can have a disastrous impact on their performance. You will find your car more sluggish, that it gives you poorer fuel performance and you will increase the potential for major engine damage over time.

The care and attention it takes to look after your vehicle results in a happier driver and a healthier car. Midas service centres located all across Australia are staffed with trusted and skilled professionals who have a passion for maintaining cars, and we only use the original equipment equivalent, or better, parts to ensure that we always comply with the ACCC Guidelines regarding Aftermarket Servicing.

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