Is Your “Check Engine Light” On? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Ignore It

Do you have a check engine light that’s on, but you’ve been ignoring it? You probably know that you shouldn’t, but just in case, we’ve got some reasons why you should probably get to a dependable service station sooner rather than later.

The check engine light, or more formally, the Malfunction Indicator Lamp, was introduced to most vehicles in the late 1980’s and has since become a standard to most, if not all, vehicles.

This monitoring system has made it possible for car owners and vehicle service staff to diagnose and repair vehicles much quicker and easier, seeing as they don’t have to guess where they should focus their repairs.

The check engine light is part of this monitoring system and is tasked with monitoring some of the most important systems in your vehicle, and when it goes on you should have it checked out sooner rather than later.

If you see your that your check engine light has come on, chances are that one of these parts in your car will need a check-up, maintenance or replacement:

  1. Thermostat
  2. Catalytic converter
  3. Mass air flow sensor
  4. Oxygen sensor
  5. Missing or loose fuel cap
  6. Ignition coils
  7. Spark plug wires
  8. Exhaust gas recirculation valve
  9. Fuel injectors
  10. Spark plugs

There are some things you can do if your check engine light has come on:

  • See if your gas cap is properly tightened or in need of replacement.
  • You can buy an OBD2 scan tool which will show you which circuit or system needs to be tested.
  • If you have a good knowledge of your car, you can check some of the above components yourself, and check your car’s battery, charging system and alternator.
  • If the light has come on while you are driving fast, reduce the strain on your engine by slowing down.

Regardless of the reason, your check engine light coming on is an indicator that you must have your car checked as soon as possible, seeing as a small component might be failing, which isn’t serious in the short term but might have pricey long-term consequences.

If your check engine light has come on, and you need your car checked by a professional service station, please do not hesitate to contact us today!

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