Make Your Car More Sellable To Potential Buyers

Make your car more sellable

Selling your car privately in Australia need not be a headache-inducing experience. By improving your car’s resale value, you can sell your car quicker without any unnecessary fuss. Fortunately, Midas has a few top insider tricks of the trade for you to make your car more ‘sellable’ to a potential buyer.

Regular car maintenance provides peace of mind

Any automotive expert would tell you that the first and best possible way to improve a car’s saleability factor is to have it maintained regularly with servicing performed by an expert service centre in Australia. Midas service centres enjoy a favourable reputation all over Australia for our firm commitment to service excellence, clearly evident as recipients of the prestigious Canstar Award in 2015.

An updated service logbook details the service history

Before you can place your car on the market, it will have to undergo a roadworthy check. Ensuring that your car is routinely serviced prevents you from receiving any nasty and expensive surprises or issues. A service logbook that has all the necessary stamps from a reputable service centre assures a potential buyer that you have taken great care of your car and that it would be a great buy. At the end of the day a buyer of a used vehicle wants peace of mind that he or she is purchasing a sound vehicle that will not fall apart as soon as they get behind the wheel.

Look after the aesthetics of your car

The Australian sun offers enviable sun-kissed beach locations to be enjoyed but its strength can be devastatingly tough on the paintjob of a car, in extreme cases causing permanent damage. Parking your car undercover or in the shade protects its paint colour in the long term.

In addition to looking after the mechanical systems of your car, paying attention to its aesthetics, including the interior cabin, will go a long way to getting your car sold quicker. Is it worth the extra cost of getting it professionally detailed or having scratches and dents seen to? The physical condition of your car makes the first positive impression on a potential buyer who will be more likely to be interested in your vehicle if they like what they see at first glance.

By making these sorts of extra efforts to make your car more attractive to buyers, you will raise the saleability factor of the car and potentially put more money back into your pocket. With a regular car service at a Midas service centre anywhere in Australia you can boost the resale value of your car.