‘Real World Driving’ Conditions Puts Australian Fuel Economy Figures To The Test

Initial findings from a recent landmark study have placed a huge question mark on the fuel consumption and emissions labels found on new cars. The breakthrough ‘Real World’ study conducted by the Australian Automobile Association has put the spotlight on the accuracy of showroom labels, helping Australian car owners understand better why the price they pay at the petrol pump does not match what the fuel consumption labels on their cars say.

The preliminary report, concentrating on 10 of the most popular 30 new vehicle models in the market, has revealed that these cars consume 35% more in fuel than their labels indicate, resulting in car owners adding on as much as $500 to their annual petrol budgets.

Putting fuel consumption labels to the test in the real world

The ‘Real World Driving’ study has car owners and the automotive industry sitting up and taking notice. Here’s why: fuel consumption testing prior to the AAA study was based on international laboratory conditions and not public roads in Australia.

Fuel economy testing conducted in the laboratory are placed under heavily controlled conditions that are optimised to ensure vehicles perform well. The disadvantages here are that certain highly relevant contributory factors to fuel usage such as temperature, humidity, traffic conditions, speed, vehicle load and tyre condition are not taken into consideration.

AAA’s Real World Driving study was piloted on local public roads (Melbourne and Brisbane) and covered different road conditions, different driving speeds and at different times of the day, morning and afternoon.

The study has now brought the conversation of stricter fuel quality standards in Australia to the fore. Of course the best way that remains for the conscious Australian car owner who wants to protect their fuel consumption usage and be kinder to the environment is to have their cars regularly serviced by professional auto technicians. Find the expert care your car needs at Midas Auto Service Centres.