Some tips for taking care of your car this spring

Winter temperatures can take a toll on your car. And in saying goodbye to the icy visage of winter, bring in the spring by tending to important auto maintenance. Come warmer weather some parts of your car will need more attention than others. Here’s our guide to taking good care of your car this spring.

Get the battery checked

Nothing escapes the long arm of winter and that includes your car’s battery. Cold temperatures can play havoc with the chemical processes within the battery responsible for producing and storing electricity. Make checking your car’s battery one of the first things you do because the last thing you want is a car with a dead battery.

Have a professional mechanic look at belts, hoses and cooling system

Belts and hoses are also negatively affected by cold weather which is why when the weather warms up, it is a great idea to get a qualified auto technician have a look at the state of your car’s belts, hoses and cooling system.

Do you need to have your windshield wipers replaced?

You may not need to have your windshield wipers replaced but it is a good idea to have them inspected for wear and tear. With the arrival of summer comes dust and the presence of insects so another good idea is to have washer solvent close at hand.

Service your air conditioner

It goes without saying that the air conditioning system will be one of the more highly appreciated features of your car as the temperatures heat up. Having this system serviced during spring will ensure the efficient functioning of the air conditioner and lessen the likelihood of expensive repairs.

If you have any other questions on how to keep your car in peak condition this spring, please get in touch with us. Midas auto service and repair centres have experienced and capable technicians on hand to provide you with any advice or assistance you may need. We can be found all across Victoria, covering Melbourne, Abbotsford, Ballarat, Brighton and Brunswick.