Why Following Your Logbook Service Dates Is So Important And What Can Happen If You Don’t

Follow your logbook servicing!

For new car owners in Australia and those whose warranties are still valid, sticking to your car’s logbook service dates is a matter of necessity where it matters most: you save money when you do or spend money if you don’t. Can following logbook service dates put more money into your pocket and save you countless frustrations when having to make a claim? We say yes to both. Let us take you through the different ways that it can.

So you think yours is a new car, why should it matter whether you have the first few maintenance checks done? Seeing as it is new, is all the more reason. New engines are particularly vulnerable to wear and having the oils and filters replaced during this time is crucial. Skip logbook service dates, and you could miss out on an engine leak and have to fork out of your pocket for costly repairs down the line.

Stress-free repair claims against the warranty

Warranty repair claims can be a nightmare to deal with, but more so, if you have not followed proper logbook maintenance schedules. The dealer can flatly refuse to bear the costs of repairs since you have negated the validity of the warranty.

Influence the resale price of your car

If you were wondering how routine car servicing puts money into your pocket, here’s how. One of the more persuasive techniques to get the money you want for your car is to offer the prospective buyer a car of great value. And since reliability and dependability are key to any car buyer, offering convincing proof that your car has been regularly serviced by professional mechanics as documented in the logbook, you are more than likely to get your best price.

Avoid future repair costs

During routine logbook servicing your professional auto centre will be on the lookout for any signs of wear and tear. By taking good care of all the parts and systems of your car, even before they need replacing, you will avoid major repair costs down the road.

Comply with your car’s warranty terms, and you save yourself unnecessary stress come time for repairs. You will also need to use a reputable auto service centre for logbook servicing. At Midas we offer high-quality services in logbook servicing Our Auto Service Centres are located all across Australia for your convenience. No matter where you are you can maintain your logbook service dates by simply making a booking at the centre nearest to you.