Why More Australian Women Should Be Driving Utes

They say men are from Mars and women are from Venus – but do these differences extend to the cars we drive? According to stereotypes, men should drive big engined, masculine looking vehicles while women should drive economical hatchbacks and family vehicles.

But it’s 2017. Times have changed and so have our needs. These days, a modern woman’s needs can more than be met with a ute. After all, they’re Jack Of All Trades vehicles, able to offer versatility and switch seamlessly between different situations with ease. There’s no reason why utes can’t be a practical choice for women, so keep reading to find out if you should switch…

The first thing you need to know about utes is that they are incredibly safe. The old dusty models of yesteryear are no longer your only options. Most new models have curtain airbags and pick up style utes offer excellent protection against tailgating – something that Australian drivers know only too well is a reality on the road.

The second factor that makes utes a great choice for women (and moms) is that they’re tough. Most ute interiors are constructed using industrial strength rubber, hardy carpeting and easily cleaned plastic that make them virtually kid-proof. No more spending ages cleaning up stains, spills and messes ever again.

Space is another great advantage that utes offer female drivers. An extended amount of storage space means that you can take large shopping trips and purchase large, unwieldy items without having to worry about how everything will ‘fit’. This includes all the usual things you end up carrying around when you’re a parent of a school-aged child who participates in various sports, with many different types of equipment. Surfboards, bikes and balls can all fit with ease in a ute. And unlike other vehicles, a hardy tub lining means that you won’t need to be too cautious of scratches from carrying such loads.

So the next time you’re in the market for a vehicle and the salesperson steers you past the utes and straight towards the station wagons, make a U-turn. You never know if a ute could catch your eye!