4WD Vehicle Repair and Service in Adelaide 

From tracks in the Flinders Ranges to Black Hill, your 4wd will be tested with every off-road adventure you take. Filled with rough terrain and deep, muddy potholes, Adelaide’s tracks will put a severe strain on your 4wd, especially its breaks and suspension system.

Due to the high demand and stress on your 4wd, you must keep on top of your car’s maintenance and servicing needs. At Midas, we offer specific 4wd servicing, which can help defend your vehicle against the demanding conditions of off-road tracks. To give your car the care it deserves to maintain its power for years to come, contact our team to book now


4WD Essential Service 

Our 4WD essential service in Adelaide will thoroughly examine your 4WD. Our team will ensure that your car runs as smoothly and safely as possible, whether you drive a Land Rover, Suzuki or a Jeep. 

This level of 4WD service includes:

  • Engine Oil and oil filter change
  • Inspect fuel filter, air filter, belts (external only) and braking system
  • Check park brake and tyre pressure
  • Check fuel system, gearbox and transmission, lights, suspension and wiper blades
  • Top up all fluids, battery, brake, clutch, power steering, radiator and windscreen washers
  • Midas Inspection and Safety Check

The price for a 4WD is dependent on your make and model. Please contact your local Midas Store.


4WD Extensive Service

If you’ve spent a lengthy time exploring the rough 4WD tracks of Adelaide’s national parks, an extensive service will ensure that your 4wd stays in pristine condition. At Midas, this 4wd service and repair option includes everything within the essential service plus:

  • New wiper blade inserts
  • Air filter
  • Pollen filter

The price for a 4WD is dependent on your make and model. Please contact your local Midas Store.


Book Your 4WD in for a Service in Adelaide 

At Midas, our team can give your 4wd the love and maintenance its needs with our range of service and repair options. Our team of experts will provide custom scheduled services and repairs such as exhaust, brake and suspension services as well as battery and tyre care

If it’s been a while since your last 4wd service with Midas, or you have further questions about what a 4wd service entails, contact our team at Midas. With 4wd service centres across Adelaide, you’ll be able to find a Midas near you easily. 

At Midas, our 4wd service may result in further work on your vehicle to ensure safety and manufacturer standards. In these instances, our team will provide you with a quotation for all additional parts and will only proceed when consented. 



1. What is the difference between a 4WD service and a basic service?

You wouldn’t take a little hatchback out on a muddy and rough track, so why would you service them the same way? A 4wd service in Adelaide will check systems and parts of your 4wd that are put under more strain than regular cars. This can include accessing your tires wear, mileage rates and more.  

2. How often should I get a complete service for my 4WD?

Minor services for your 4wd should be completed every 10,000 to 15,000kms. These smaller services will check all significant elements within your vehicle to prevent any major issues from developing. When looking towards extensive services and repairs, you should be performing a major service every 30,000km to 45,000kms, but this will depend on the guidelines outlined by your car’s specific manufacturer. 

3. What do I do in case of a problem/if an issue persists?

By booking a 4wd service with Midas, we will detect any issues within your car before any lasting damage occurs. If, after your 4wd service, your vehicle is still experiencing problems, you can get in touch with an expert mechanic at Midas. Our mechanics will be able to perform a full in-depth inspection of your vehicle and recommend the best course of action to return your car to the correct safety standards.

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