Find Out Why You Should Keep Your Logbook Up To Date

f you have a car that’s new and still under warranty, it’s difficult to imagine that it might break down, or have problems of any kind. Unfortunately, it’s guaranteed that you’re going to run into problems at some stage, especially if you don’t take your car in for its regular logbook services. Here are some of the main reasons you should always strive to stay up to date:

Helps with making claims against warranty

If you don’t take your car in for its logbook mandated services, and something goes wrong, the dealer may have grounds to refuse to make the repairs under warranty, or even void your warranty. It’s also important to realise that during the early years, your car’s engine will get the most wear, which means that replacing its oil and filters, among other servicing, will help ensure that your warranty doesn’t go to waste.

If you find that you’ve taken your car in for a logbook service at your manufacturer, but your vehicle is still performing less than perfectly, it’s worth getting a second opinion at a private car servicing business that is legally allowed to service your car under warranty.

Helps to keep your car in great condition

As we said above, ensuring that your car gets its logbook services goes a long way to ensuring that your pride and joy performs exactly as you want. The bonus to regular servicing also means that repair costs are much less, as it’s much easier to maintain a car part than repair it if it’s broken, or replace it completely.

Helps with reselling your vehicle

A logbook service is always written down, and given proper documentation, which helps you to resell your car if you feel it’s time for a change. Seeing as you can prove that your car received the TLC it needed to stay tip top shape, you will be able to ask for the price you want, and you’ll have proof of the car’s condition.

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