Do You Know How Often To Replace Your Shock Absorbers?

Date: 30-07-2018

Many drivers don’t realise that shock absorbers do more than control the movement of their vehicle’s springs and suspension system. They also work to keep all four wheels on the ground, preventing the vehicle from rolling.

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Why It’s Essential To Maintain Your Car’s Brake Fluid Level

Date: 18-07-2018

When you fill up your car with fuel and check your oil and water, do you also check your brake fluid regularly? Probably not, but you should because it’s essential for the safe operation of your car. If your brake fluid level is too low, or the fluid contains contaminants or too much water, your brakes won’t work as well as they should.

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The Common Signs That Your Car Needs A Suspension Service

Date: 06-07-2018

You check your oil filters, brakes and tyres regularly, but how often do you think about your suspension? Taking it for granted is a dangerous mistake because the struts and shocks on your car aren’t just there to ensure a smooth ride. They perform a vital role in keeping you safe on the road.

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3 Ways To Save Money On Car Maintenance

Date: 21-06-2018

Ask any expert mechanic about the best way to take care of a car and protect its resale value, and the first thing they’ll tell you is to have it serviced regularly according to the guidelines laid out in the logbook.

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Tips To Ensure Your Car Gets You Safely Through Winter

Date: 12-06-2018

Being well-prepared for all weather conditions is always a good idea, but driving in wintry conditions poses unique risks and dangers, making preparedness even more crucial. We take a look at some of the most critical safety measures Australians can put in place to avoid being left stranded in the cold.

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The Difference Between ABS And Traditional Brakes

Date: 04-06-2018

Modern technologies enable automotive engineers to produce cars with advanced braking systems, which ensure much safer driving. Some of the popular driver-assist safety features car buyers look for are automatic braking, collision-avoidance systems and hill-descent control. But for these technologically advanced systems to work as they should, they need a fully-functioning anti-lock braking system (ABS).

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How To Identify If Your Auto Transmission Requires Repair

Date: 25-05-2018

If you’ve ever driven a manual transmission vehicle, you’ll know that problems tend to be obvious and can be reduced by changing your own driving habits. With an automatic transmission system, it may be harder to detect problems before they become major – and expensive – issues.

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Is There Any Difference Between A Muffler And An Exhaust?

Date: 17-05-2018

As a responsible motorist, you want to understand the basic systems in your car that keep you, your passengers and other drivers safe on Australia’s roads. The combustion process in your car’s engine produces gas. To reduce the harmful byproducts, the output has to be controlled.

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Does Your Car’s Air Conditioning Need Servicing

Date: 08-05-2018

Perhaps your car’s air conditioner isn’t top-of-mind in winter, but it’s the ideal time to have it checked. It’s been working hard all summer and may be worn. Besides, winter brings its own challenges. 

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10 Things You Should Avoid When You’re Behind The Wheel

Date: 30-04-2018

You may be a safe driver who never texts while in the car, but there may be other unintentional habits you’ve learned over the years which could be potentially dangerous for your car and could lead to early wear and tear of several internal components.

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How To Tell When Your Tyres Need Replacing

Date: 17-04-2018

It’s not always noticeable when your tyres need replacing. There’s no special noise or “date of expiry” or alert that tells you that you need to change them. However, it is vitally important to change or at least check your tyres regularly, because driving with worn tread is like trying to hold a glass with oily hands – there’s no grip. This is a major reason for car accidents in Australia, so be sure you know when your car needs its tyres changed.

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Why You Shouldn’t Skip Scheduled Car Services

Date: 02-04-2018

If you haven’t kept up with your car servicing as per your logbook dates, then the good news is that you’re not alone. The bad news, however, is that without proper and regular servicing of your vehicle, it can be costly – not to mention, damaging.

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Electric vs Petrol Cars: What Are The Main Differences?

Date: 23-03-2018

With Australia becoming more and more environmentally-conscious, it makes sense that an electric car is the way to go. The USA is leading the manufacturing of electric and hybrid cars, to a great success, especially among celebrities.

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Are You Zooming Over Speedbumps? Here’s How It’s Damaging Your Car

Date: 09-03-2018

A speedbump can be a nuisance, right? Yes, they are put in places for the safety of the community, usually in residential areas – and we should respect the speedbump by slowing down in order to keep the speed..

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The Evolution Of Car Suspension

Date: 22-02-2018

Have you wondered how suspension for cars came to life? The suspension system in your cars allows you to have a comfortable drive, and if we didn’t use them, we would all be wearing crash helmets while driving.

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The Dangers Of Driving With Worn Shock Absorbers

Date: 13-02-2018

Do you know what a shock absorber is and where you can find it on your car? Don’t think it’s that important? While many feel that their shock absorbers aren't the most exciting system in their vehicles, it plays a very important role in keeping you safe on the road.

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What Causes A Backfire In Your Exhaust

Date: 05-02-2018

A backfire is caused by a combustion or explosion that occurs when unburnt fuel in the exhaust system is ignited, even if there is no flame in the exhaust pipe itself.

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Top Reasons To Become An Auto Mechanic

Date: 26-01-2018

For many people, wanting to become a mechanic has been a dream since they were young. They might have a fascination with cars, engines and how it all works. Some may have developed the love for cars in their teens, and never looked back.

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Signs Your Car Needs New Brakes

Date: 17-01-2018

Your brakes are not only instrumental in helping your vehicle get around safely, but they also hold the key to the workings of other parts of your car.

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What You Should Look For When Buying A Used Car

Date: 05-01-2018

Buying a new or used car has become a very simple task. In fact, all you have to do is jump online. However, despite the ease in sourcing cars,

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What To Do If Your Car Overheats

Date: 29-12-2017

Most cars overheat because of, you guessed it, excessive heat. With a sizzling Australian summer underway, it didn’t take long for the scorching sun to take full effect.

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How To Handle An Oil Leak

Date: 20-12-2017

When you walk up to your car and notice an oil spot, it doesn’t mean you have to assume you have an oil leak. There are many fluids in your car, for example, water, power-steering fluid, brake fluid, oil, etc

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Bad Habits That Are Affecting Your Car

Date: 08-12-2017

We’re not all auto mechanics. How are we supposed to know what is good or bad for the car beside basic common sense? However, sometimes our common sense isn’t very common at all.

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What Happens To Your Car If You Don’t Use It For Long Periods

Date: 30-11-2017

What happens when you decide to take your well-earned three-week holiday? Well, before you go, you will have arranged your pets to be in good hands, that someone keeps an eye on your garden and maybe your home as well. However, you should also keep your car in mind. 

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Here Are The Common Signs That Your Engine Belt May Need Repair

Date: 21-11-2017

An engine belt is one of the most important parts of your car. Most vehicles have the single-engine belt, called a serpentine belt, which is made to last quite some time. However, it does experience wear and tear over time, and if it breaks, you will definitely not be able to drive your car like normal, or at all

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Stop Braking So Much Or You May Just Damage Your Car

Date: 10-11-2017

Your brakes help to keep you safe on the road, which entails enabling you to stop suddenly in the event of a potential accident, or just as part of your daily commute. However, overusing or excessively slamming on your brakes, may actually be causing damage to your car.

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What To Look Out For When You Suspect Worn Shock Absorbers In Your Car

Date: 30-10-2017

When you’re on the road, your car’s shock absorbers are always busy helping to keep your car safe and balanced. However, like any car part that is always in use, your car’s shock absorbers will begin to experience wear and tear, and ultimately give out. Luckily there are warning signs that indicate that your shock absorbers are due for a replacement.

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Why And How To Check Your Car’s Water And Oil Levels

Date: 17-10-2017

There has been no end to the advances in motoring technology over the past years, but chances are that you still have to check your car’s fluid levels, and the most important of these are undoubtedly oil and water. If you’re unsure why, or even how, we’ve got a couple of pointers ready for you.

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What To Listen Out For When You Think Your Car’s Suspension System Is Giving Out

Date: 06-10-2017

A car’s suspension is the part that keeps our ride smooth, and when it comes to fixing it, sometimes we wait a while before getting it attended to. However, your car’s suspension system can have a huge impact on your car’s overall health. If you are uncertain whether it’s in the best condition, here are some pointers you need to look out for.

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The Seven Most Expensive Car Parts To Service

Date: 27-09-2017

Did you know that more than half of Australian drivers take as long as possible between services in order to save as much money as possible? It’s true, according to a recent survey. However, if that same 52% of the population were aware that the cost of repairing major damaged parts is far more expensive than regular servicing, they would probably change their mind.

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Five Things You Need To Know About Car Warranties

Date: 15-09-2017

Car warranties in Australia are necessary. Without one, you could look at an expensive future of repairs, which could otherwise be avoided with a warranty. Let’s look at the five most important things you need to know about your car’s warranty:

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Flat Tyres—What You Need To Know!

Date: 06-09-2017

A flat tyre can be a harrowing experience, especially during peak hours on busy roads. Although random punctures cannot be avoided, there are sure ways to prevent flat tyres and, in so doing, prevent other expensive complications and vehicle damage.

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Here Are Four Car Problems That You Might Encounter In Cold Weather

Date: 28-08-2017

The Australian winter is just past halfway, which means we can still expect some cold weather to come our way. It might feel like a hassle to deal with the winter weather, but did you know your car can also be affected by the cold conditions?

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5 Quick Checks That Will Help Keep Your Exhaust System Healthy

Date: 16-08-2017

Your exhaust is one of the most important parts of your car engine’s emission system. Its primary function is to direct the gases produced during your engine’s combustion cycle away from your car, keeping you, and it, safe.

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Some Of The Best Ways To Keep Your 4WD Tuned And Ready For Any Adventure

Date: 09-08-2017

Owning a four-wheel drive car (4WD) has many advantages over owning a mere two-wheel drive vehicle. The obvious advantage is that it can take you to places that few other vehicles are able to access, but that doesn’t mean your 4WD doesn’t need just as much care and maintenance as a normal car. Don’t let that rugged, unforgiving attitude fool you

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What To Look Out For Ahead Of Your Next Service

Date: 02-08-2017

We have all heard our share of car servicing and repair horror stories, where people had to deal with unprofessional and even unethical practices. This in no way means that all car servicing businesses are dishonest, but like any industry, there are untrustworthy ones.

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Find Out Why You Should Keep Your Logbook Up To Date

Date: 26-07-2017

If you have a car that's new and still under warranty, it's difficult to imagine that it might break down, or have problems of any kind. Unfortunately, it's guaranteed that you're going to run into problems at some stage, especially if you don't take your car in for its regular logbook services.

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Do Your Brakes Need Repair? Here’s What To Look Out For

Date: 20-07-2017

Your car's brake system is arguably one of the most important safety features of the vehicle. For your safety and those of your passengers, need to make sure they're always working to full effect. If you start seeing signs that your breaks have worn, or are not working efficiently

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Is Your “Check Engine Light” On? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Ignore It

Date: 22-06-2017

Do you have a check engine light that’s on, but you’ve been ignoring it? You probably know that you shouldn’t, but just in case, we’ve got some reasons why you should probably get to a dependable service station sooner rather than later.

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Car Accelerations Can Be A Drag, But It Can Be An Easy Fix If You Use Our Checklist

Date: 15-06-2017

Not getting where you want to fast enough? We’ve heard many questions from our clients about possible causes as to why their vehicles are accelerating slowly. There are many reasons to consider, so we’ve put together a checklist you can consult if your car is experiencing acceleration issues.

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Have You Ever Thought About Servicing Your Car’s Airbag? It Might Be The Most Important Thing You Do. Read Here To Find Out Why

Date: 8-06-2017

You service your car regularly, but have you ever thought of servicing your airbags? An airbag is one of the most important safety systems in your car, and it makes sense that you know you can depend on yours. Even so, not many people know how and when they should service their airbags.

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Complete This Checklist Before Putting Your Car in Storage

Date: 24-04-2017

There are many reasons why a person would need to put a functional car in storage. You might be going away on an extended working trip. You might be taking a break from driving that particular vehicle due to a change in season. You might be saving money by becoming a single car household.

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Everything You Need To Know About Your Car's Coolant

Date: 17-04-2017

Cars are complex machines, and keeping them on the road often requires specialist assistance from experts well versed in its complex technology. With Midas, you have the peace of mind knowing that you can let someone else take over

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Here’s How To Listen To Music While Driving – Safely!

Date: 10-04-2017

Is there anything better than cranking up the volume on your favourite song while flying down the highway towards your destination? Music and driving go hand in hand – from planning soundtracks to long road trips to playing something to keep the kids calm while you negotiate traffic.

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Why More Australian Women Should Be Driving Utes

Date: 03-04-2017

They say men are from Mars and women are from Venus – but do these differences extend to the cars we drive? According to stereotypes, men should drive big engined, masculine looking vehicles while women should drive economical hatchbacks and family vehicles.

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Read This Before You Choose To Drive Diesel Again or Anymore

Date: 20-03-2017

Have you bought a new car in the past year? Chances are pretty good that you went with a diesel model.

In Australia, we love our diesel engines, with nine out of ten utes and over half of all SUVs purchased last year running on Diesel. Overall, a third of all cars sold are diesel models, and this number keeps rising. But have you stopped to consider if driving diesel is the best choice for you?

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How To Safeguard Against Car Theft – Starting Today

Date: 13-03-2017

Car theft in Australia has re-entered the public consciousness with a bang – and the facts back it up. According to, we’re experiencing the biggest increase in car theft since 2011, and between September 2015 and September 2016, an average of 148 cars was stolen every day, valued at over AUS$500 million.

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‘Real World Driving’ Conditions Puts Australian Fuel Economy Figures To The Test

Date: 06-03-2017

Initial findings from a recent landmark study have placed a huge question mark on the fuel consumption and emissions labels found on new cars. The breakthrough ‘Real World’ study conducted by the Australian Automobile Association has put the spotlight on the accuracy of showroom labels, helping Australian car owners understand better why the price they pay at the petrol pump does not match what the fuel consumption labels on their cars say.

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All Fuelled-Up And Ready To Hit Australia’s Open Roads? Use This Road Trip Checklist To Ensure Your Car Is Mechanically Trustworthy

Date: 03-01-2017

Be good to your car before your road trip and it will return the favour.Do this by taking good care of it – have it thoroughly inspected and repaired (if needed) or parts replaced - before departure. Having a road trip checklist to refer to will make sure that you have a car that is in good condition for an extended journey.

Here are some of the essential items that would appear on any experienced mechanic’s safety checklist:

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Avoid Unexpected Car Problems In Summer. What You Need To Know About The Effects Of Summer Heat On Your Car

Date: 27-12-2016

While Australians may be avid sun lovers, the same can’t be said for their cars. Extreme summer temperatures in Australia can wreak its own form of torture on a sun-baked car. From overheated engines to blown radiators to reduce the lifespan of the battery, the destructive effects of the summer heat on your vehicle can be wide-ranging and not just limited to the exterior of a car.

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Why Following Your Logbook Service Dates Is So Important And What Can Happen If You Don’t 

Date: 20-12-2016

For new car owners in Australia and those whose warranties are still valid, sticking to your car’s logbook service dates is a matter of necessity where it matters most: you save money when you do or spend money if you don’t. Can following logbook service dates put more money into your pocket and save you countless frustrations when having to make a claim? We say yes to both. Let us take you through the different ways that it can.

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Some Tips For Taking Care Of Your Car This Spring

Date: 02-11-2016

Winter temperatures can take a toll on your car. And in saying goodbye to the icy visage of winter, bring in the spring by tending to important auto maintenance. Come warmer weather some parts of your car will need more attention than others. Here’s our guide to taking good care of your car this spring.

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Lengthen The Lifespan Of Your Car’s Engine With Professional Car Servicing

Date: 25-10-2016

Keeping your car’s engine in tip-top condition is one of the biggest payoffs of servicing your car at a professional and reputable auto car service centre. Widely referred to as the heart of a vehicle, a healthy engine translates into many years of reliable and stress-free performance.

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4 Overlooked Benefits Of Having Your Car Serviced Regularly By A Professional

Date: 18-10-2016

The common benefits of having your car serviced (such as ensuring reliability and avoiding mechanical problems) are widely known. But routine car maintenance performed by reputable technicians can offer car owners additional benefits. Improving fuel efficiency, enhancing safe driving conditions and increasing a car’s resale value are just some of the lesser known perks of having your car serviced.

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Make Your Car More Sellable To Potential Buyers

Date: 26-09-2016

Selling your car privately in Australia need not be a headache-inducing experience. By improving your car’s resale value, you can sell your car quicker without any unnecessary fuss. Fortunately, Midas has a few top insider tricks of the trade for you to make your car more ‘sellable’ to a potential buyer.

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Highly Effective Drivers Know the Importance of a Well-Maintained Vehicle

Date: 19-09-2016

A highly effective driver knows the importance of ensuring that all road rules and regulations are met, but they also know the importance of looking after their car. If you are one of the nine out of ten Australians (living in the greater outer areas of major Australian metropolises) spending an hour and a half on the road commuting to work every day (as reported by a recent government analysis) then having a reliable car to drive becomes a top priority. A reliable car translates into having an engine that is well-tuned and that sees consistent regular service schedules being responsibly maintained.

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5 Signs Your Car’s Aircon Needs a Service

Date: 12-08-2016

Living in Australia, we use our car’s air conditioning systems a lot. It’s a feature of our car that we take for granted until it stops working – and only then do we stop to think about the mechanisms that allow it to work and what we can do to keep them operating at a premium. 

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Give Your Brakes A Break With The Following Tips

Date: 07-08-2016

Is there any part of your car that you put more trust in than your brakes? Most people would say “no”. All of us have had at least one incident where a sudden brake slam prevented a minor or major accident. The reality is that animals and children dart into the road, people drive badly, and the weather can also toss some unexpected conditions at us. These are all things that are not supposed to happen but unfortunately, do.

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Maximise Your Mileage – Starting Today!

Date: 01-08-2016

If there’s one thing we love in Australia, it’s driving. Ever since cars were first introduced to our continent, demand and sales have steadily increased – not stopping for the global financial crisis or anything else for that matter. So it only makes sense that because we spend so much time in them, that we would want to make our fuel go as far as we can.

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